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join this cozy place

We love to see that here you feel at Home,

we are sure you'll sleep really well in our quiet Casa, ... and that you'll respect the other guests sleep

we try to live on this planet in peace with the other living ... and we are sure you'll be happy not to find any kind of meat in your breakfast

we try to save water, electricity and gas...and we are sure you won't waste them

we try to recicle glass, plastic, paper, us

our olive's groove is full of wild mint and thyme...enjoy the fresh air

(smoking is not allowed in the Casa, on the terraces and everywhere there are other not smoking guests)

..and if that is not enough we can help you to have an unforgettable holiday booking an hour relax with Olistic Massage ,

or flying Tandem Paragliding from Montebaldo (1800mt)

or having a day Sailing on the Lake

or relaxing in a beautiful Spa

...or a wine testing

just ask ! :-)